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what is

project terrapin?

Project Terrapin is a growing organization that supports habitat projects throughout the Barnegat Bay watershed.  We reach over 6000 people annually.  Project Terrapin uses research to develop sound conservation projects and educational initiatives. We work with numerous schools throughout New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania to promote diamondback terrapin research, conservation and education.  An overview of Project Terrapin can be seen by viewing this video by NJ Public Television (visit  It aired on May 18, 2015...

our objectives

Project Terrapin studies the biology, life history, and ecology of terrapins. Education is an integral part of our program. Teachers, students, and volunteers work toward helping us learn more.

Project Terrapin includes the following research objectives in conjunction with scientists:


1. Population Studies: 

Mark and recapture of terrapins

2. Nesting Ecology: 

Study nesting terrapins and their habitats

3. Habitat: 

Enhance nesting areas with turtle gardens

4. Education: 

Educate others about the biology, life history,

and conservation of terrapins

5. Conservation: 

Promote the conservation of terrapins using current scientific information through research


6. Support: 

Support the Diamondback Terrapin Working Group, The Wetlands Institute, The Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ, and other partners in promoting diamondback terrapin conservation


habitat reenhancement

Learn more about our Habitat Reenhancement & Conservation Projects below:

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