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MATES Chapter Student Leadership 2019-2020

Overall Student Chairs:  Elizabeth Piatkowski, Emma Riley and Belle Weimer

Public Relations/Marketing:  Eric McGivney


Hatchling Division Overall Chair:  Becca Mastrola


Ambassadors and Hatchling Care: Tyler Zylinski

Outreach Chair:  Emily Corcoran

            Outreach Assistant Chairs:  Emily Baubinas, Julianne Chan
                                                            & Alyssa Costello


            Outreach Assistant in Training: Emily Jones


Outside School Programs Coordinator: Kailey Matthews


            Outside School Programs Assistant: Cassandra Vongrej


Overall Care Chair:  Joe LaPlaca


Care Assistants:  Logan Bukowski, Isabella Cozzone, Lexi Pereira
                                & Lana Van Note

Care Supply Officer: Erin Murphey


Assistant Care Supply Leaders:  Sophia Capili and Ilana Lavene

Festival/Special Events Coordinators:   Brady Nichols and Maya Quinn


            Assistant Events Coordinators: Diya Jariwala and Caitlin Sia


Events Coordinators in Training: Shealynn Lawless and Abby Stephens

Conservation and Research Coordinator:   Steven Holmberg


            Assistant Conservation Coordinator: Mackenzie Fries



Financial Officer: Julia Kuzan


Video Division Editor: Allen Hong