2022 - 2023 MATES Project Terrapin Leaders 

Division Coordinators


Karen Tsang '23

Outreach Coordinator

Karen has been a part of our outreach program for the past three years developing lessons. This year our outreach will increase its scope and Karen will be an integral part in developing our new outreach items.  She is also a part of the Rally for Barnegat Bay project and conducts independent research.  



Iliana Vasslides '23

Outreach Coordinator

Iliana is a senior at MATES and has been involved with Outreach for three years now. She loves working with others and helping them learn about our terrapins and why it’s important that we keep them safe.  She is an integral part of Project Terrapin's Outreach mission. 


Ethan Johnson.jpg

Ethan Johnson '23

Care Coordinator

Ethan has been a part of our care program for the past three years both in school and caring for turtles at his home.  He shares his experience by training new care members as we will continue to care for turtles at school. Ethan has developed an excellent care program.  



Abigail Ostapovich '23

Hatchling Care Coordinator

Abigail (Abby) has been working with our hatchlings and the hatchlings tanks over the past three years. She is responsible for the overall care of both temporary and permanent hatchlings in captivity.  She has been instrumental in maintaining the hatchlings despite the distancing measures in place.  

Joseph Fossa '23

Care Coordinator

Joe has been an active member of Project Terrapin throughout his two years at MATES. He works with events, outreach and rumor has it that he was even SCUTES.  Joe will be working with developing care protocols and training new care members.  


Megan Thomas '23

Hatchling Care Coordinator

Hi! My name is Megan Thomas and I am a senior at MATES. I began working with the MATES hatchlings in my sophomore year. Since then, I have been caring for the hatchlings, maintaining their tanks, and observing their health until they are ready to be released back into their natural habitat. I am excited to work with this year's new batch of hatchlings!


Caroline Liebmann '24

Conservation Leader 


Caroline started volunteering with Project Terrapin when she was a freshman.  Caroline  is passionate about environmental conservation and hopes to learn more about fieldwork and our local ecosystems. In her spare time, Caroline is a member of Lacey Township Marching Band and Jazz Band.  She is instrumental in conservation initiatives with Project Terrapin


Angelo Amato '23

Conservation Coordinator

Angelo has been involved in Project Terrapin the past three years.  He has been instrumental in conservation and assisting in room 158 with tank maintenance and care.  He completed his Eagle Scout Project at Island Beach State Park by constructing a terrapin hatchery at the Nature Center in the spring 2021.