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Project Terrapin Wear!

support our cause

Help us to meet our research, education and conservation goals by purchasing our Project Terrapin t-shirts and/or hats.  The cost includes shipping and handling which will be done through the US Postal Service.  Please select the shirt size desired (child and adult unisex sizes).  Hats are one standard size and adjustable.  All credits cards accepted. 

Inquiries can be made to 

MATES Special Only:  Terrapin short-sleeve T-shirt and hats that are Pick-up Only! 
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Project Terrapin short-sleeve T-shirt

$26.00 (includes shipping to US)
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Project Terrapin Hats 

$26.00 (includes shipping to US)

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Donate to Project Terrapin to help us continue our conservation efforts! 

Your generous support will help us to
continue to fund our projects...


  •  Field research with passive integrated transponder (PIT) tags
  • ​ Bycatch Reduction Devices (BRDs)
  • ​ Road Signs
  •  Nest Enhancement and Hatcheries Projects
  • ​ Care of Captive Terrapins

thank you for your continued support!

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