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Stafford Township Conservation


We are working on conservation projects in the following parts of Stafford Township and thank Mayor Gregory Myhre, the Town Council, the Township Administration (Administrator - Matthew von der Hayden), Public Works, the Police Department, the Green Team and enthusiastic residents for initiating terrapin conservation efforts throughout Stafford Township.  Stafford adopted the terrapin as their Town Reptile!  We are partnering on the following initiatives and locations including Cedar Run Dock Road, Newell Avenue and  Mill Creek Road (click here for the flyer)...

  • Nest Protection Conservation at Mill Creek Road (Beach Haven West) under the coordination of the Kosa Family! 

  • Conservation and continued research along Cedar Run Dock Road (Nest Protection, Signage,
    and Nest Enhancement)

  • Newell Avenue Conservation (Nest Cover  Distribution and Reporting)

  • In 2021 our partnership included a  Terrapin Crossing Sign Design Contest for Lawn Signs with the winning sign design by Nicole Kalooky (see above). Below are our our other final designs...

Katelyn_Turtle Xing Sign (revised).png
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